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Battle for Azeroth version of HeroDamage (see the original repository made for Legion expansion).

Quick Start


Make sure to have the Node.js version referenced in the package.json (engines key) installed.

If you use NVM (Node Version Manager) which is the recommended way to have Node.js installed, you can just do:

nvm use

And it will use the correct version (under the hood, it does use the .nvmrc file)

Also, make sure to have the latest stable version of the package manager of your choice (npm or yarn).
For the rest of this quick start, we will use npm.


You can then install all the dependencies with:

npm install

Development Server

Then you can run the development server with:

npm run develop

You can now go to http://localhost:8000/ to preview the changes.
There is also GraphiQL, an in-browser IDE, available at http://localhost:8000/___graphql to help building the GraphQL queries.

Production Build

If you want to see what the production build would looks like, you can with:

npm run build

Then check the public folder.


This project follows StandardJS coding style with ESLint linter.
The main dependency is GatsbyJS that does use React, GraphQL, webpack and Babel.
We also use React Helmet, i18next, Styled Components and MDC-React.
Make sure to have the corresponding plugins (if available) in your IDE for a better support of those.