embedded smart tft module (PIC32 / ILI932x)
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Smart TFT module

Open source (hardware & software) smart TFT module, based on:

  • Microchip PIC32MX795F512L microcontroller
  • 3.2" TFT 320x240, ILI9320/9325 controller
  • optional µSD card, for extra storage

This module has three operational modes:

  • slave: an other microcontroller sends commands to the TFT through UART (1M bauds, 8N1)
  • embedded app: the user includes its application directly into the PIC32
  • setup: setup menu, for touchscreen callibration, gamma adjustement & software demo; enter this mode by keeping the touchscreen pressed while powering on the 5V PSU.

Small video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nt97tPhJtdA Some explanations (french only): http://herptronix.blogspot.fr/

Pins & wirepads description


Software modules








  • 2014/03/31 Add sprite & font converters (sources & win32 exe)
  • 2014/02/27 Add display orientation support (limited to BSP) & Minor bug fixes
  • 2014/02/01 Minor bug fixes (p2d_font.c / touchCalib.c / gui_w_usr_entry.c)
  • 2014/01/15 Add a quick & dirty (... and not yet completed) dev. guide
  • 2014/01/09 Add a serial remote example
  • 2013/12/29 Rev. A (improved P2D/GUI, FAT-FS support, setup menu, serial comm support)
  • 2013/08/11 First GUI version (not on git)
  • 2013/07/13 First P2D version (not on git)