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Use your macOS terminal shell to do awesome things.

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Awesome macOS Command Line / Awesome Command-Line Apps

Due to personal changes, GitHub changes, a desire of not wanting to continue to deal with mostly very low-effort contributions, entitled behavior and low quality, I've permanently moved these projects to my personal Git instance, where they will live from now on.

This is not least because of a substantially lacking readiness to donate even a single dollar — despite hundreds of daily visitors and almost 30k combined stars. Instead, these repositories are being linked to from large corporate intranets as a free source of knowledge, at times even from inside Apple. There have been two notable exceptions over the last six years: one donation to the NGO of a dear friend and a single GitHub sponsor for a couple of months. 100% were forwarded to the NGO as well. My thanks go out to you, you know who you are.

Available under the same license it has always been, you can still contribute and are encouraged to do so by sending a git am style patch via email. This is intentional to keep the lazy ones out and I much prefer working mostly in the shell. Please invest the five minutes to figure out how to if you think your contribution matters. You can clone this repository, you can find out my email address.

Bonus link: