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Simple SVG Brand Logos

Women Empowerment in Zanzibar

Send a little karma down the way and support women empowerment in Zanzibar by helping to fund the local production of reusable female hygiene products. A very dear friend of mine runs the project. They were already able to buy hundreds of educational books. Sometimes, it takes so little to make a huge impact. If you'd like to thank me or support this work, donate. Additionally, any current and future sponsoring of my work via GitHub or other channels will flow one hundred percent to the NGO.


A collection of simplified brand logos, including some hard to find gems. Oftentimes those are only available on sketchy, ad-laden download sites, are of poor quality and need lots of cleaning up. This repository aims to help developers and designers to find high quality logos of any kind in one place. Also, all the color is stripped so they can be used in a consistent manner.


Make sure you have a vector editing tool (like Inkscape or Adobe Illustrator — I use Affinity Designer) and svgo. Please be aware that by contributing, you agree that your submission will enter the public domain.

  1. Run npm install
  2. Acquire source vector file
  3. Simplify logo in a vector editing tool
  • Constrain to a max width and height of 128px
  • Absolutely no strokes
  • Simplify and minimise paths by joining into curves
  • No layers whatsoever
  • Make all paths black
  • Export SVG to process directory
  1. Run svgo on the SVG file(s) (npm run svgo)
  2. Copy files to logos directory
  3. Commit every logo separately

Legal Notice

All brand graphics and associated names are trademarks and/or property of their respective owners. This repository does not have any affiliation with them nor does it claim to. Should any brand owner feel that their rights are misrepresented in any way, please open an issue with a valid contact address. The claim will be followed up on and the appropriate assets removed if warranted.


The following license applies exclusively to the source code of this repository. It explicitly excludes any right to use the brand assets in any context. We cannot license what we do not own. If you plan to use an asset for anything else than personal learning, you will need to clear the appropriate usage rights with the respective trademark owner.

To the extent possible under law, the contributors of this repository have waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to Simple SVG Brand Logos.