A jQuery plugin to display carouseling content using a card flip effect.
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jQuery Flip Carousel

Flip Carousel is an alternative to an image/content carousel. Instead of sliding or cross-fading content, it flips like a set of cards on a table. It will continually append content behind the scenes with respect to the direction you are flipping. It uses lots of cool CSS3 transitions and animations, and no JS animation.

Works best in Chrome/Safari, second best in Firefox, and worst, as expected, in IE.


  • jQuery 1.8.1 or above
  • HTML5 Shiv for IE < 10 support.

See a demo here


  • Includes a check for inline images and will always preload one page ahead to ensure smooth flipping
  • Randomizer for more organic looking flipping
  • Graceful degradation for IE8-10 and JS disabled


The plugin should be invoked on a jQuery array of any like elements, not a container. And not directly on list items (the plugin wraps the cards in list items).



  • arrows boolean Whether or not to show the navigation arrows (previous and next). Default: true

  • duration number Number of milliseconds for the flip transition to take. Default: 500

  • itemsperpage integer The number of cards to show at once. Can be any number that goes well with your total number of items. Default: 3

  • loader boolean Whether or not to show the css spinning loader when images are being loaded. Default: true

  • randomizer number For that slightly more staggered look. Deviates from the set flip duration by the magnitude specified. For best results, use a decimal between 0 and 1. When set to 1, the duration will be deviated by -0.5x and +1.5x, and randomly applied to the set of cards on each flip. A delay between 0 and the flip duration will also be randomly applied across the set. Default: 0

  • pagination boolean Whether or not to show pagination dots. Default: false


Coming soon

Sample Markup

<article><h1>Item 1</h1><span>content</span></article>
<article><h1>Item 2</h1><span>content</span></article>
<article><h1>Item 3</h1><span>content</span></article>
<article><h1>Item 4</h1><span>content</span></article>
<article><h1>Item 5</h1><span>content</span></article>
		loader : true,
		itemsperpage: 3,
		randomizer: 0.7

Ideas for the Future

  • Add touch events for mobile for thumb-swipability
  • Add ability to click on a card and "zoom-in" to the content
  • Add pagination dots, ability to jump to any page

Licensed under the open source MIT License. http://www.opensource.org/licenses/mit-license.php

© 2014 Ethan Herr