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Radial Lines

This is a Plugin for Sketch App that generates lines originating from a certain coordinate of an artboard.



Install this plugin via Sketch Toolbox or download the package manually into to your Sketch3 Plugin folder. The path should resemble the following .../com.bohemiancoding.sketch3/Plugins/radial-lines-master Tipp: The .sketchplugin file should reside in a directory!

Select any artboard you have in your document. If there aren't any, go ahead and create a new one. (Pressing the A key is the fastes way to do so.) Afterwards either goto the plugins menu and select Radial Lines -> Distribute Lines or use keyboard shortcut Cmd+Alt+b. A modal will appear where you can define the setup for the lines you wish to create.


Within the modal you can choose the origin and quantity of lines, their color, and their stroke width. Optionally the lines will be distributed evenly with the same distance to one another. Or dependent on the artboard's border. (Take a look at the red example in the screenshot above.)

That's all folks

This is my third Sketch Plugin, please feel free to contact me via twitter for comments, suggestions and critique. Take a look at the first one and the second one. If you like this plugin consider giving this repository a star! If you're owning Bitcoin feel free to send some satoshis: 1BoFajaVNQ5Z8a3E7ZQvt8sWyTCGrxRtS9. Oh and of course you can fork and contribute to the code and extend this package. I will happily merge any tested PRs.


Sketch3 Plugin - Generate lines originating from a certain coordinate of an artboard




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