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Configuration for 1.3.x and 2.3.x (GIT master)

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GUI Add-On Settings

Category: Behaviour

Delay for scrolling text:

Increase this value for slower scroll speed (may improve readability on "bad/slow" displays).

Scroll mode:

Sets text scrolling mode either to Marquee (scrolled text scrolls straight through the display; default setting) or Left/Right (bounces scrolled text from left to right and vice versa).

Navigation display duration (s):

Timeout before switching back to current playing media content display when navigating.

Display refresh rate (Hz):

Sets how often it shall be checked if display contents needs updating. Higher values improve "responsiveness", but can lead to performance problems on slow/embedded systems and/or LCDproc.

Use alternate charset:

If enabled, the "Charset" option below is enabled, providing a selection of supported encodings.


Enabled by the "Use alternate charset" option. Selects an output encoding for characters sent to LCDd. All available standard encodings require a properly set up "Charmap" option in the LCDd configuration to correctly display all characters. If your LCDd doesn't support custom charmaps and have a display with a HD44780-compatible character ROM (probably any display driven by LCDproc's hd44780 driver, SoundGraph iMON VFD and maybe others), you can try to set this to one of the special "HD44780-ROM" options which provide a custom encoding specially crafted for displays with compatible character roms. Select the correct mapping matching your specific display and character ROM (A00 = Katakana / A02 = Cyrillic), and set the "Charmap" option in the driver section of LCDd.conf to "none".

Note: Might (will!) cause broken character display on non-supporting or unsupported display hardware.

Support for extra display elements (e.g. icons):

If disabled (default: enabled), this will cause extra display stuff (e.g. iMON bars+icons) to not be utilised even when supported.

Category: Backlight

Dim on video/LiveTV playback:

Dims or turns off display backlight when playing a video or LiveTV. This supersedes the matching "<disableonplay>"-option.

Dim on music/radio playback:

Dims or turns off display backlight when playing music or "Live radio" via the PVR function. This supersedes the matching "<disableonplay>"-option.

Dim on screensaver:

Dims or turns off display backlight when the screensaver is active.

Delay (s):

Delay in seconds until the backlight gets dimmed or turned off when any of the "Dim on..."-options get in effect.

Dim on shutdown:

Turns off display backlight when unloading the addon (e.g. when shutting down XBMC).

Category: Connection

Use remote LCDproc:

Enable to connect to a host running LCDd other than localhost.


(editable when "Use remote LCDproc" option is set) Host address or name of remote LCDd server.

LCDd Port:

(editable when "Use remote LCDproc" option is set) TCP port number of remote LCDd server (default: 13666).

Show heartbeat symbol:

Show animated LCDproc heartbeat symbol ontop of XBMC display contents.

Hide connection error notifications:

If enabled, suppressed kai toaster popup display for connection problems/restoration to LCDd (default: enabled).


Inside LCD.xml's <lcd></lcd> configuration block, these tags can be set to change the behaviour and contents of the addon:


  • <scrollseparator>(separatortext)</scrollseparator>
When string length exceeds the display width and the line gets scrolled, use (separatortext) as separator between repetitions. Adds greatly on readability.
  • <progressbarsurroundings>[on|true]</progressbarsurroundings>
When set to "on" or "true", progress bar lines get enclosed in "[]" brackets. If set to anything else, no brackets are drawn.
  • <icontextoffset>(numeric value)</icontextoffset>
If specified, this overrides the default offset of two (2) characters for lines containing a play/pause icon. Handy for users using e.g. graphlcd-based displays where e.g. the play icon occupies two characters and additional information shall be displayed with a blank inbetween.
  • <allowemptylines>[on|true]</allowemptylines>
Set this to "on" or "true" if empty/blank lines should not be filtered but rather be inserted for layout purposes, e.g. when using displays with more than 4 text lines.
  • <centerbigdigits>[on|true]<centerbigdigits>
Set to "on" or "true" to align any bigdigit-display (system or playtime) centered.
  • <disableplayindicatoronpause>[on|true]</disableplayindicatoronpause>
If set to "on" or "true", any playing indicator (like dedicated PLAY icons, spinning discs et al) are disabled/turned off when the playing media is paused. Applies to displays supported by the extraicon/bar functionality only.
  • <extrabarX>[progress|volume|volumehidden|menu]</extrabarX>
Sets additional display bar X (depending on display type, up to 20 additional bars manageable) to represent the specified value. "progress" represents a progress bar of the currently playing media. "volume" shows XBMC's volume setting. "volumehidden" shows the volume setting during a volume change, otherwise a blank/empty bar. "menu" shows a 100% filled bar when the menu is active.


  • <navigation>...</navigation>
User-triggered navigation (e.g. by keyboard, mouse or remote control).
  • <music>...</music>
XBMC playing music.
  • <video>...</video>
XBMC playing video/movie.
  • <tvshow>...</tvshow>
XBMC playing TV show.
  • <general>...</general>
Generic (fallback) display mode.
  • <screensaver>...</screensaver>
Screensaver is active.
  • <xbelaunch>...</xbelaunch>
External program is run.
  • <pvrtv>...</pvrtv>
XBMC is playing Live TV delivered via any PVR addon.
  • <pvrradio>...</pvrradio>
Playing Live Radio from PVR addon.

Special InfoLabel handling

These InfoLabels are intercepted by this addon and replaced by native LCDd widgets:

  • $INFO[LCD.ProgressBar]
If this label is found, all other contents of this line are dropped, and a "hbar" widget will be displayed showing a progress bar of the currently playing media file.
  • $INFO[LCD.PlayIcon]
When this is found, the line will be indented by two characters, and a Play/Pause/FastForward/Rewind icon is shown in front of it. If the line exceeds the display width, the text (not the icon) will be scrolled.
  • $INFO[LCD.Time21] (and all known variants like .Time22, TimeWide21 et al)
If any of the current modes lines contain one of these, all other configured contents are ignored/removed, and a "Full Screen" Big Digit display showing current playback time of the running media is displayed, using the "num" widgets. If nothing is playing (plain idle screensaver), local system time will be shown.
  • $INFO[LCD.AlignCenter]
Aligns the line where this Label is found centered when the text length doesn't exceed the display size. Applies only to text-only lines and lines containing a PlayIcon (Note: Icons stay fixed at the left while the rest of the text will be centered)
  • $INFO[LCD.AlignRight]
Like $INFO[LCD.AlignCenter], but aligns the line to the right.

Example LCD.xml file

Usable configuration example for 16x2 character (96x16 graphic) displays, e.g. SoundGraph iMON LCD:

       <line>$INFO[LCD.PlayIcon] $INFO[Player.Time]</line>
       <line>$INFO[MusicPlayer.Artist] - $INFO[MusicPlayer.Title]</line>
       <line>$INFO[LCD.PlayIcon] $INFO[Player.Time]</line>
       <line>$INFO[LCD.PlayIcon] $INFO[Player.Time]</line>
       <line>$INFO[VideoPlayer.TVShowTitle]: $INFO[VideoPlayer.Title]</line>
       <line>XBMC running...</line>
       <line>$INFO[System.Time] $INFO[System.Date]</line>
       <line>$INFO[MusicPlayer.ChannelName]: $INFO[MusicPlayer.Title]</line>
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