A small app for fetching MIDI-files over the Doctape-API and playing them in the browser.
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MIDI-Delight is the result of the Doctape-Hackathon in January 2013. It depends heavily on Jasmid and MIDI.js, so thanks for the great work.

The concept of the app is to fetch MIDI-files from a Doctape-account over their API, display them as a list and provide the possibility to play each MIDI-file with a piano-soundfont.

Regarding the layout, the app targets mobile devices to provide MIDI-Delight on the go. Unfortunately the mobile browsers I tested the app with, aren't able to play MIDI-files. I tested the app successfully on Chrome (latest/Mac OSX), Firefox (latest/Mac OSX) and Safari (latest/Mac OSX).

Technical stuff

To build the app I relied on a combination of jQuery, Underscore, Backbone, Backbone.LayoutManager and Handlebars for templating. To provide modularity and to load the files asynchronously I used Require.js.

As mentioned above, the MIDI-playback-stuff is realized with Jasmid and MIDI.js. In the moment there is only piano-sound available for playback. To create new soundfonts you can use the Node.js-script provided by mudcube.

Some links

If you want to test the app, get yourself a Doctape-account, upload a bunch of MIDI-hits (I recommend some dirty old Eurodance-stunners!) and navigate your browser to this URL:


####And for the sake of completeness:

My Blog
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Have fun!