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Clipboard is a little Node.js-application I wrote to get in touch with Express.js and Mongoose.js. I also used this application to make my first steps with Require.js.

Here you can give it a try: Clipboard

##Installing Clipboard

To install Clipboard go to your Terminal and type:

git clone git@github.com:herschel666/clipboard.git
cd clipboard
npm install -d
node server

##How it works

When you come the the Clipboard-startpage you're required to type your username and hit enter. This opens a clipboard for the specified name and all created notes are filed under this name. This means that you can have as many different clipboards as you want.

But there is no user authentication. So when you use this application in public, a user can - theoretically - access all notes.

The notes created on the clipboard can be dragged to the position you want. They are also editable by double-clicking the note text.

##The application

On the server-side the application runs on Node.js. I used the Express.js-framework to build it and Mongoose.js to file the notes (text and position) in a MongoDB-database.

On the client-side the application is build with Backbone.js and jQuery. To organize and load the JavaScript-files I rely on Require.js and choose this approach: Modular JavaScript & Backbone.js.

To provide the draggability of the notes I used jQueryUI.


If you have any questions you can contact me on twitter.