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Sitecore User Group: Sitecore Item Web API

This is sample code used for the Sitecore User Group presentation on Sitecore Item Web API.

There are projects in the solution:


This is a Console application with examples of how you interact with the Sitecore Item Web API programatically from C#. There are examples of how to:

  • Do an authenticated request with clear text credentials
  • Do an authenticated request with RSA encrypted credentials
  • Update a field on an item
  • Create/delete items

Note: For authentication the username is looked up in the website domain.

Note: ItemConsole uses version 4.5 of NewtonSoft.Json.dll. This may not be the same version as the one used in Sitecore... so don't copy it there. RequestThrottle

An example of a pipeline processor that will throttle the API requests per ip address. The example uses a moving average strategy.

Use the following configuration include to add throttling to API request pipeline:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<configuration xmlns:patch="">
		<processor patch:before="*[1]" type="ItemWebApiExtension.RequestThrottle, ItemWebApiExtension" />