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Alfie -- a diary generator

This is Alfie, a python script capable of generating diary inserts in pocket, personal or A5 size of any year you want. The script in itself makes a LaTeX file ready for typesetting.

Right now, Alfie can make diaries in Swedish and English. It can render holidays and date-specific notes, as listed in used-provided text files. It can also add front and back matter, as supplied by supplementary files.

If you want to use the script “out of the box” you need the free Adobe Source Sans Pro font installed on your machine. You can of course use whatever font you like, but I find Source Sans Pro Light to be ideal for this kind of thing. You also need to have LaTeX installed in order to typeset the resulting LaTeX-files


This script needs a few arguments to run:

  1. The format you want (pocket / personal / a6 / a5)

  2. The layout you want (w1p = week on one page with notes / w2p = week on two pages / w2pwf = week on two pages with emphasis on weekdays / w4p = week on four pages, with dot indicators / wg = week on four pages with room for notes / 1d2p = day on two pages with notes / w2pmargins = same as w2pwf, but with generous margins for freeflowing notation)

  3. The language you want (sv / de / en)

  4. The year you want

  5. Whether it should include a frontmatter (yes / no)

  6. Whether it should include a backmatter (yes / no)

  7. Whether it should try to typeset the resulting LaTeX file (yes / no)

If you launch the script without arguments, it will run with a minimal text interface, taking you through some questions:


If you run it with an argument, it will run without any interface whatsoever. You need to use the following syntax for the argument to work:

python3 <format>-<layout>-<language>-<year>-<frontmatter>-<backmatter>-<typeset?>

For example:

python3 personal-w2p-sv-2014-no-no-yes

will make a Swedish LaTeX diary for 2014 in personal size and then typeset it.








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