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BLS threshold signature

An implementation of BLS threshold signature

Installation Requirements

Create a working directory (e.g., work) and clone the following repositories.

mkdir work
cd work
git clone git://
git clone git://
git clone git:// ; for only Windows

REMARK libbls.a for C++ interface(bls/bls.hpp) is removed

Link lib/libbls256.a or lib/libbls384.a to use bls/bls.hpp according to MCLBN_FP_UNIT_SIZE = 4 or 6.

Build and test for Linux

To make and test, run

cd bls
make test

To make sample programs, run

make sample_test

Build and test for Windows

  1. make static library and use it
mk -s test\bls_c384_test.cpp
  1. make dynamic library and use it
mklib dll
mk -d test\bls_c384_test.cpp


  • libbls256.a/ ; for BN254 compiled with MCLBN_FP_UNIT_SIZE=4
  • libbls384.a/ ; for BN254/BN381_1/BLS12_381 compiled with MCLBN_FP_UNIT_SIZE=6

See mcl/include/curve_type.h for curve parameter


Basic API

BLS signature

e : G2 x G1 -> Fp12 ; optimal ate pairing over BN curve
Q in G2 ; fixed global parameter
H : {str} -> G1
s in Fr: secret key
sQ in G2; public key
s H(m) in G1; signature of m
verify ; e(sQ, H(m)) = e(Q, s H(m))
void bls::init();

Initialize this library. Call this once to use the other api.

void SecretKey::init();

Initialize the instance of SecretKey. s is a random number.

void SecretKey::getPublicKey(PublicKey& pub) const;

Get public key sQ for the secret key s.

void SecretKey::sign(Sign& sign, const std::string& m) const;

Make sign s H(m) from message m.

bool Sign::verify(const PublicKey& pub, const std::string& m) const;

Verify sign with pub and m and return true if it is valid.

e(sQ, H(m)) == e(Q, s H(m))

Secret Sharing API

void SecretKey::getMasterSecretKey(SecretKeyVec& msk, size_t k) const;

Prepare k-out-of-n secret sharing for the secret key. msk[0] is the original secret key s and msk[i] for i > 0 are random secret key.

void SecretKey::set(const SecretKeyVec& msk, const Id& id);

Make secret key f(id) from msk and id where f(x) = msk[0] + msk[1] x + ... + msk[k-1] x^{k-1}.

You can make a public key f(id)Q from each secret key f(id) for id != 0 and sign a message.

void Sign::recover(const SignVec& signVec, const IdVec& idVec);

Collect k pair of sign f(id) H(m) and id for a message m and recover the original signature s H(m) for the secret key s.

PoP (Proof of Possesion)

void SecretKey::getPop(Sign& pop) const;

Sign pub and make a pop s H(sQ)

bool Sign::verify(const PublicKey& pub) const;

Verify a public key by pop.

Check the order of a point

deserializer functions check whether a point has correct order and the cost is heavy for especially G2. If you do not want to check it, then call

void blsSignatureVerifyOrder(false);
void blsPublicKeyVerifyOrder(false);

cf. subgroup attack


make test_go


mkdir ../bls-wasm
make bls-wasm

see BLS signature demo on browser


modified new BSD License