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fast log and exp functions for x86/x64 SSE
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fast approximate function of exponential function exp and log

How to use

include fmath.hpp and use fmath::log, fmath::exp, fmath::expd.

fmath::PowGenerator is a class to generate a function to compute pow(x, y) of x >= 0 for a given fixed y > 0.

eg. fmath::PowGenerator f(1.234); f.get(x) returns pow(x, 1.234);

Prototpye of function

  • float fmath::exp(float);
  • float fmath::log(float);
  • double fmath::logd(double);
  • __m128 fmath::exp_ps(__m128);
  • __m128 fmath::log_ps(__m128);
  • void fmath::expv_d(double *p, size_t n); // for double p[n];


If you install xbyak and define FMATH_USE_XBYAK before including fmath.hpp, then fmath::exp() and fmath::exp_ps() will be about 10~20 % faster. Xbyak version uses SSE4.1 if available.

AVX version of fmath::exp is experimental


gcc puts warnings such as "dereferencing type-punned pointer will break strict-aliasing rules." It is no problem. Please change #if 1 in fmath.hpp:423 if you worry about it. But it causes a little slower.

-ffast-math option of gcc may generate bad code for fmath::expd.


modified new BSD License


  • 2012/Oct/30 fix fmath::expd for small value
  • 2011/Aug/26 add fmath::expd_v
  • 2011/Mar/25 exp supports AVX
  • 2011/Mar/25 exp, exp_ps support avx
  • 2010/Feb/16 add fmath::exp_ps, log_ps and optimize functions
  • 2010/Jan/10 add fmath::PowGenerator
  • 2009/Dec/28 add fmath::log()
  • 2009/Dec/09 support cygwin
  • 2009/Dec/08 first version





  • Visual Studio 2010RC
  • icc 11.1
  • gcc 4.3.2 on cygwin
  • gcc 4.4.1 on 64bit Linux


  • cl(icl):

/Ox /Ob2 /GS- /Zi /D_SECURE_SCL=0 /MD /Oy /arch:SSE2 /fp:fast /DNOMINMAX

  • gcc:

-O3 -fomit-frame-pointer -DNDEBUG -fno-operator-names -msse2 -mfpmath=sse -march=native

see fastexp.cpp

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