a portable and fast pairing-based cryptography library
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A portable and fast pairing-based cryptography library.


mcl is a library for pairing-based cryptography. The current version supports the optimal Ate pairing over BN curves and BLS12-381 curves.

Support architecture

  • x86-64 Windows + Visual Studio
  • x86, x86-64 Linux + gcc/clang
  • ARM Linux
  • ARM64 Linux
  • (maybe any platform to be supported by LLVM)
  • WebAssembly

Support curves

p(z) = 36z^4 + 36z^3 + 24z^2 + 6z + 1.

  • BN254 ; a BN curve over the 254-bit prime p(z) where z = -(2^62 + 2^55 + 1).
  • BN_SNARK1 ; a BN curve over a 254-bit prime p such that n := p + 1 - t has high 2-adicity.
  • BN381_1 ; a BN curve over the 381-bit prime p(z) where z = -(2^94 + 2^76 + 2^72 + 1).
  • BN462 ; a BN curve over the 462-bit prime p(z) where z = 2^114 + 2^101 - 2^14 - 1.
  • BLS12_381 ; a BLS12-381 curve


A benchmark of a BN curve BN254(2016/12/25).

  • x64, x86 ; Inte Core i7-6700 3.4GHz(Skylake) upto 4GHz on Ubuntu 16.04.
    • sudo cpufreq-set -g performance
  • arm ; 900MHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 on Raspberry Pi2, Linux 4.4.11-v7+
  • arm64 ; 1.2GHz ARM Cortex-A53 HiKey
software x64 x86 arm arm64(msec)
ate-pairing 0.21 - - -
mcl 0.31 1.6 22.6 3.9
TEPLA 1.76 3.7 37 17.9
RELIC PRIME=254 0.30 3.5 36 -
MIRACL ake12bnx 4.2 - 78 -
NEONabe - - 16 -
  • compile option for RELIC

Higher-bit BN curve benchmark by mcl

For JavaScript(WebAssembly), see ID based encryption demo.

paramter x64 Firefox on x64 Safari on iPhone7
BN254 0.29 2.48 4.78
BN381_1 0.95 7.91 11.74
BN462 2.16 14.73 22.77
  • x64 : 'Kaby Lake Core i7-7700(3.6GHz)'.
  • Firefox : 64-bit version 58.
  • iPhone7 : iOS 11.2.1.
  • BN254 is by test/bn_test.cpp.
  • BN381_1 and BN462 are by test/bn512_test.cpp.
  • All the timings are given in ms(milliseconds).

The other benchmark results are bench.txt.

Installation Requirements

  • GMP and OpenSSL
apt install libgmp-dev libssl-dev

Create a working directory (e.g., work) and clone the following repositories.

mkdir work
cd work
git clone git://github.com/herumi/mcl
git clone git://github.com/herumi/cybozulib
git clone git://github.com/herumi/xbyak ; for only x86/x64
git clone git://github.com/herumi/cybozulib_ext ; for only Windows
  • Cybozulib_ext is a prerequisite for running OpenSSL and GMP on VC (Visual C++).

Build and test on x86-64 Linux, macOS, ARM and ARM64 Linux

To make lib/libmcl.a and test it:

cd work/mcl
make test

To benchmark a pairing:


To make sample programs:

make sample

if you want to change compiler options for optimization, then set CFLAGS_OPT_USER.


Build for 32-bit Linux

Build openssl and gmp for 32-bit mode and install <lib32>

make ARCH=x86 CFLAGS_USER="-I <lib32>/include" LDFLAGS_USER="-L <lib32>/lib -Wl,-rpath,<lib32>/lib"

Build for 64-bit Windows

  1. make static library and use it
mk -s test\bn_c256_test.cpp
  1. make dynamic library and use it
mklib dll
mk -d test\bn_c256_test.cpp

open mcl.sln and build or if you have msbuild.exe

msbuild /p:Configuration=Release

Build with cmake

For Linux,

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..

For Visual Studio,

mkdir build
cd build
cmake .. -A x64
msbuild mcl.sln /p:Configuration=Release /m

Build for wasm(WebAssembly)

mcl supports emcc (Emscripten) and test/bn_test.cpp runs on browers such as Firefox, Chrome and Edge(enable extended JavaScript at about:config).


emcc -O3 -I ./include/ -I ../cybozulib/include/ src/fp.cpp test/bn_test.cpp -DNDEBUG -s WASM=1 -o t.html
emrun --no_browser --port 8080 --no_emrun_detect .

and open http://<address>:8080/t.html. The timing of a pairing on BN254 is 2.8msec on 64-bit Firefox with Skylake 3.4GHz.



mcl uses Xbyak JIT engine if it is available on x64 architecture, otherwise mcl uses a little slower functions generated by LLVM. The default mode enables SELinux security policy on CentOS, then JIT is disabled.

% sudo setenforce 1
% getenforce
% bin/bn_test.exe
pairing   1.496Mclk
finalExp 581.081Kclk

% sudo setenforce 0
% getenforce
% bin/bn_test.exe
pairing   1.394Mclk
finalExp 546.259Kclk


  • libmcl.a ; static C++ library of mcl
  • libmcl_dy.so ; shared C++ library of mcl
  • libbn256.a ; static C library for mcl/bn256f.h
  • libbn256_dy.so ; shared C library

If you want to remove '_dyof so files, thenmakeSHARE_BASENAME_SUF=`.

How to initialize pairing library

Call mcl::bn256::initPairing before calling any operations.

#include <mcl/bn256.hpp>
mcl::bn::CurveParam cp = mcl::BN254; // or mcl::BN_SNARK1
mcl::bn256::G1 P(...);
mcl::bn256::G2 Q(...);
mcl::bn256::Fp12 e;
mcl::bn256::pairing(e, P, Q);
  1. (BN254) a BN curve over the 254-bit prime p = p(z) where z = -(2^62 + 2^55 + 1).
  2. (BN_SNARK1) a BN curve over a 254-bit prime p such that n := p + 1 - t has high 2-adicity.
  3. BN381_1 with mcl/bn384.hpp.
  4. BN462 with mcl/bn512.hpp.

See test/bn_test.cpp.

Default constructor of Fp, Ec, etc.

A default constructor does not initialize the instance. Set a valid value before reffering it.

Definition of groups

The curve equation for a BN curve is:

E/Fp: y^2 = x^3 + b .
  • the cyclic group G1 is instantiated as E(Fp)[n] where n := p + 1 - t;
  • the cyclic group G2 is instantiated as the inverse image of E'(Fp^2)[n] under a twisting isomorphism phi from E' to E; and
  • the pairing e: G1 x G2 -> Fp12 is the optimal ate pairing.

The field Fp12 is constructed via the following tower:

  • Fp2 = Fp[u] / (u^2 + 1)
  • Fp6 = Fp2[v] / (v^3 - Xi) where Xi = u + 1
  • Fp12 = Fp6[w] / (w^2 - v)
  • GT = { x in Fp12 | x^r = 1 }

Arithmetic operations

G1 and G2 is additive group and has the following operations:

  • T::add(T& z, const T& x, const T& y); // z = x + y
  • T::sub(T& z, const T& x, const T& y); // z = x - y
  • T::neg(T& y, const T& x); // y = -x
  • T::mul(T& z, const T& x, const INT& y); // z = y times scalar multiplication of x

Remark: &z == &x or &y are allowed. INT means integer type such as Fr, int and mpz_class.

T::mul uses GLV method then G2::mul returns wrong value if x is not in G2. Use T::mulGeneric(T& z, const T& x, const INT& y) for x in phi^-1(E'(Fp^2)) - G2.

Fp, Fp2, Fp6 and Fp12 have the following operations:

  • T::add(T& z, const T& x, const T& y); // z = x + y
  • T::sub(T& z, const T& x, const T& y); // z = x - y
  • T::mul(T& z, const T& x, const T& y); // z = x * y
  • T::div(T& z, const T& x, const T& y); // z = x / y
  • T::neg(T& y, const T& x); // y = -x
  • T::inv(T& y, const T& x); // y = 1/x
  • T::pow(T& z, const T& x, const INT& y); // z = x^y
  • Fp12::unitaryInv(T& y, const T& x); // y = conjugate of x

Remark: Fp12::mul uses GLV method then returns wrong value if x is not in GT. Use Fp12::mulGeneric for x in Fp12 - GT.

Map To points

  • mapToG1(G1& P, const Fp& x);
  • mapToG2(G2& P, const Fp2& x);

These functions maps x into Gi according to [Faster hashing to G2].

String format of G1 and G2

G1 and G2 have three elements of Fp (x, y, z) for Jacobi coordinate. normalize() method normalizes it to affine coordinate (x, y, 1) or (0, 0, 0).

getStr() method gets

  • 0 ; infinity
  • 1 <x> <y> ; not compressed format
  • 2 <x> ; compressed format for even y
  • 3 <x> ; compressed format for odd y

Verify an element in G2

G2::isValid() checks that the element is in the curve of G2 and the order of it is r. G2::set(), G2::setStr and operator<< also check the order. If you check it out of the library, then you can stop the verification by calling G2::setOrder(0).

How to make asm files (optional)

The asm files generated by this way are already put in src/asm, then it is not necessary to do this.

Install LLVM.

make MCL_USE_LLVM=1 LLVM_VER=<llvm-version> UPDATE_ASM=1

For example, specify -3.8 for <llvm-version> if opt-3.8 and llc-3.8 are installed.

If you want to use Fp with 1024-bit prime on x86-64, then

make MCL_USE_LLVM=1 LLVM_VER=<llvm-version> UPDATE_ASM=1 MCL_MAX_BIT_SIZE=1024

API for Two level homomorphic encryption

Java API

See java.md


modified new BSD License http://opensource.org/licenses/BSD-3-Clause

The original source of the followings are https://github.com/aistcrypt/Lifted-ElGamal . These files are licensed by BSD-3-Clause and are used for only tests.


This library contains mie and Lifted-ElGamal.



光成滋生 MITSUNARI Shigeo(herumi@nifty.com)