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main.pdf is supplementary text for PRML(Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning) and give some answers for its exercises.

prml[2-9].pdf are obsolete.

  • chapter 2 : elementary text for matrix and integral calculus and Gauss distribution.
  • chapter 3 : Woodbury formula, symmetric matrix and KL divergence.
  • chapter 4 : Jensen's inequality, Dirac delta function and the relation between logistic sigmoid function and inverse function of probit function.
  • chapter 5 : neural network
  • chapter 9 : EM algprithm
  • chapter 10 : get L for mixing Guass distribution

How to create pdf

platex main.tex
platex main.tex
dvipdfmx main.dvi


CC BY 3.0(


MITSUNARI Shigeo(herumi at nifty dot com)