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Leed container



  • docker
  • docker-compose
  • a MySQL server

How to start:

mkdir leed && cd leed
git clone .
docker-compose up -d

Note: you actually only need docker-compose.yml file to start Leed

It exposes port 8006 on your server. You can change this by editing docker-compose.yml.

You should then give access to this container through your web server.

Here is a Apache example config:

ProxyPass "/leed" "http://localhost:8006"
ProxyPassReverse "/leed" "http://localhost:8006"

Then go to:

...and configure Leed to access your database.

Now, Leed configuration and working data is reparted this way:

  • database access information (login / password / database name...) is stored by the containers.
  • user data (feed subscriptions and status) is stored in your database.

This means, if you wipe your containers with

docker-compose down


docker-compose stop && docker-compose rm

... you can then re-enter your database credential and find again your Leed data in its stored state.