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@herzbube herzbube released this Jun 24, 2015 · 205 commits to master since this release


Version 1.2.0 is a feature release. It was published on the App Store on June 23 2015.

Below is a summary of changes, taken verbatim from the ChangeLog document. For the full story, a list of issues closed for this release is available here on GitHub.


  • iPhone 6/6+ are now supported with their native screen resolution (#263)
  • iPhone 6+ has a redesigned user interface that makes better use of the available screen estate (#253). iPhone 6+ also supports holding the device in landscape.
  • When starting a new game, it is now possible to select from several predefined rulesets, which allows setting many game rules at once with a single tap (#274). This makes the "New game" screen less cluttered and more user friendly. Rule enthusiasts can still adjust each individual game rule by calling up an "Advanced settings" screen.
  • Gameplay mechanics at the end of the game have been significantly revised:
    • It is now generally possible to resume play after two pass moves without having to discard ("undo") the second pass move
    • 3 new game rules were added that govern gameplay mechanics at the end of the game. These rules allow to play games under AGA or IGS rules (#221, #223), but also under Japanese and Chinese rules where non-alternating play is possible to resume a game after it has ended after two pass moves (#275).
  • As a consequence of these new gameplay mechanics at the end of the game, a much wider array of .sgf files can now be loaded from the archive, provided that the user selects the appropriate rules for the game that is in the .sgf file.
    • Files that contain more than two pass moves at the end of the game. This is especially useful to load games that were played on IGS (Pandanet), where games end with 3 instead of 2 pass moves.
    • Files that resume play after two pass moves. Again, this is useful for loading files from IGS (Pandanet), but also for files that contain games played under any ruleset that allows play to be resumed after two pass moves.
    • Files that contain non-alternating play (e.g. two moves in a row by black). This is useful to load files that contain game problems where theoretical board situations are set up by non-alternating play. Also, games can now be loaded that were played under rulesets (e.g. Chinese, Japanese) that allow play to be resumed after two pass moves by non-alternating play.
  • Special thanks go to Norbert Langermann and his innocent suggestion to add support for loading .sgf files with games that were played on IGS. This was the trigger for adding the new end-of-game gameplay mechanics.
  • One more thing: When placing a stone a magnifying glass is now displayed that shows the area of the board that currently under the user's 'fingertip (#271). This feature replaces the old "stone distance from fingertip" feature, which confused and was hated by many users.

Other improvements and changes

  • Disable Fuego pondering in human vs. human games (#281). This saves a lot of otherwise wasted battery power. Thanks to Ben Jackson for the suggestion. Unfortunately, a nasty piece of code was required to upgrade existing user preferences, which may result in unnecessary player and profile backup copies cluttering the upgraded preferences. Users will get an alert if this happens so that they can clean up their preferences.
  • When a game cannot be loaded from the archive because it has moves after the game has ended, the error message displayed to the user should now be less cryptic (#277)
  • When the game has ended, the "Scoring" menu item is now shown as a button so that the user can quickly switch between scoring mode and play mode without first having to call up the "More game actions" menu (#268)
  • A couple of buttons have gotten new icons (#269). Thanks to David Helfand for the suggestion.
  • The status view now always shows the status for the current and the next board position (#265). Up until now the status view only showed when a player had passed, and never showed any information about the next board


  • The app now correctly synchronizes handicap stones with Fuego when board positions are changed (#279). This is the most important bugfix of this release because it fixes another source for the infamous "The computer played an illegal move" and "Your move was rejected by Fuego" alerts. Many thanks to Laurent Guanzini for providing step-by-step instructions that helped me with diagnosing the problem!
  • The app no longer crashes when a game is loaded from the archive that contains a board that is larger than 19x19 (#283). The game still cannot be loaded, but an error message is displayed instead of crashing.
  • The app no longer crashes when the last game in the archive is deleted (#286)
  • It is now possible to place a stone when viewing an old board position, even if the game has already ended (#278). It is thus possible to resume play at an earlier board position than the last.
  • The user interface no longer rotates while a stone is being placed (#272)
  • The status view now correctly displays " passed" when a computer vs. computer game is paused (#266)
  • If the user attempts to make an illegal move, the status view now displays the intersection of the move (#261)
  • The device statusbar at the top of the screen no longer disappears when some screens are displayed (#256)
  • iPad only: The board is now rotated correctly even if it is not visible at the time that the device orientation changes (#255)
  • A number of other bugs were fixed that may have caused crashes (#192, #284)
  • Other minor bugfixes (#209, #257, #258, #262, #273)

Technical changes

  • The project has been upgraded to the iOS 8.1 SDK (#248) and Xcode 6.1.1
  • 64-bit support was added (#249)
  • The Xcode project has been cleaned up (#252, #253)
  • The vector graphics sources (.svg files) for all icons in the app were added to the project and to version control (#264)
  • User defaults updating is no longer triggered for fresh installs (#282)
  • The 3rd party crash reporting library QuincyKit was upgraded to version 3 (#285)
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