Inertial Motion Capture for everyone
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Inertial Motion Capture for everyone

Bewegungsfelder Screenshot

Bewegungsfelder is a mobile & customizable inertial motion capture system for skeletal animation. It consists of C#/WPF Application to capture and record skeletal animations and standalone IMU sensor modules based on the ESP8266 Wifi SoC.

  • Flexible skeleton definition.
  • Live 3D visualisation of sensors and skeleton pose.
  • Recording/Playback of animations.
  • BVH export & import.
  • UDP Server accepts incoming sensor values.

Coordinate Systems


  • Smartphones as sensors (POC done).
  • Improve timing issues/add proper interpolation.
  • Support intermediate joint/smoothin using IK.
  • Docs.

Smartphone Sensors

Prototype using websockets in develop branch:

  1. Start Bewegungsfelder.exe
  2. Make sure Smartphone can connect to your PC (i.e. same wifi network)
  3. On Smartphone open http://[your-local-ip]:8080
  4. Mocap!

ESP8266 & MPU6050 Sensors

Sensor fusion is done on the MPU6050 by the InvenSense DMP Firmware.

The ESP8266 reads values from the MPU6050 motion sensors using I2C.

The official Esspressif ESP8266 non-os SDK is used. For a guide on how to setup the toolchain with Eclipse, check this out:

Schematic & Wiring

Bewegungsfelder ESP8265 and MPU6050 Hardware