puppet module to install perl toolchain for a development environment.
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puppet module to install perl toolchain for a development environment.

This is the perl_toolchain module.

An apt-dist upgrade gone bad led me to rebuild my home desktop installation far more carefully than the wild-West snowflake construction which passed for systems administration on its
Lenny-versioned predecessor. Primarily that has meant that all configuration and installations beyond the apt-select base desktop install straight off the net-install CD have been puppetized for my sanity and if this gets published, then for your enjoyment as well.


Distribution of this puppet module is subject to the conditions of the Gnu Public License.


Hugh Esco hesco@campaignfoundations.com


I wrote this for my own use without any mind for supporting its installation by others. But for those who want to extend or adapt what I offer here, I urge you to consult the #puppet channel on irc.freenode.net, and tool specific channels on irc.perl.net. Sometimes I am on those channels and am able to answer questions.
But there are also plenty of other folks on those channels many who know these tools better than I do.

Also helpful would be the puppetlabs.com website and the documentation provided for each individual application installed by this module accessible at search.cpan.org or one of its mirrors.

However, if do-it-yourself systems administration is not your forte and you appreciate what I have assembled here and want me to extend it or to harden it to better work in your environment, I am avaialble to do contract projects to support this module, to help build or maintain your perl code base or to help automate your processes with an eye on providing for continuous delivery and deployment.

I do business as CampaignFoundations.com and YMD Partners, LLC.
Feel free to contact us if we can be of service.