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This page is created for newcomers to P4 who ask for "what hardware can one use to prototype P4 code?"


(a) A hardware target is a switching asic, FPGA, NPU, or generic compute.
(b) A hardware platform is a switch (using asic), smartNIC (using FPGA or NPU), or server/laptop machine.


The list covers hardware targets and platforms supporting P4-16 in abphabetical order. Supporting p4 entails the target supports a p4c (P4 compiler) backend. A hardware target is useles without a P4 compiler (p4c) - therefore compiler vendors are also listed. Lastly, a target that only supports p4runtime is not included.

For FPGA, Xilinx provides their P4 programming tools chain. There is also Netcope who has a tools chain for P4 programming FPGA from Intel and Xilinx.

  1. Barefoot Networks Tofino/Tofino2 asic in ODM switches - some ODM vendors are Edgecore (, Netberg (, Inventec (, Delta, WNC (, and Foxconn. Stordis and Kaloom use ODM switches with open or proprietary switch OS.

    Sample P4-16 programs for Tofino are at this repo:

  2. Open-source P4 compiler (p4c) has a P4 to DPDK backend: Please read the file at the above link to learn how to generate DPDK .spec file using the compiler.

  3. Mellanox has Spectrum/Spectrum2 asic. Their switches are SN2100, SN2700 (Spectrum) and SN3700 (Spectrum 2). Their Linux switch uses TC. Mellanox has a p4c with front-end and mid-end using open-source p4lang/p4c. Mellanox has a p4c backend they plan to open source (as soon as we get it modularized from our common backend infra). Marian presented this at this year's netdev conference.

  4. Netcope : Has tools chain to program FPGA with P4 (p4-16)

  5. Netronome NIC using NPU - has p4 compiler. Update, 04/07/2021: Netronome has closed its California Bay Area office. However, one can still buy their smart NICs from Colfax. See>. One NIC is CX 2x10GbE.

    Try shopping for Intel/Xilinx NIC which support P4.

    Also see:

  6. Orange: Has a p4c backend for linux user space. See

  7. Pensando has a service card that goes into a PCI slot of a computing machine. Also, see

  8. p4lang/p4c EBPF (Enhanced Berkeley Packet Filter). EBPF runs inside Linux kernel.

  9. Xilinx FPGA with P4 compiler.

  10. Development platform for $100. See and The platform converts P4 to C.

Specifically, no openwrt access point implementation for P4 exists.


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