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Globalized date controls and functions for Persian, Arabic and other cultures.

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This is a library of date functions and user interface controls for major .NET Platforms such as WinForm, WPF, etc. It will facilitate creating fully localized applications providing both RTL and LTR reading orders as well as calendars not fully supported in .NET framework (PersianCalendar). The initial article was first published in April 2006 on CodeProject website and the WPF version was released soon after WPF was still in early versions and was one of the pioneers DatePicker controls provided on WPF platforms.

This also comes with integration with DevExpress' suite of controls as well as adding Persian Calendar support into those controls.

You can always read about the latest developments and changes in my blog and open any issues here. To learn how to use this library, download the source code and have a look at the demo projects.

This project is released under MIT license. Make sure you read the licensing agreement before using it.