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* =|= Error Messages ===========================================
* Error / Validation messages shown after submitting forms.
* ==============================================================
{if isset($errors) && $errors}
<div class="error">
<p>{if $errors|@count > 1}{l s='There are %d errors' sprintf=$errors|@count}{else}{l s='There is %d error' sprintf=$errors|@count}{/if}</p>
{foreach from=$errors key=k item=error}
{if isset($smarty.server.HTTP_REFERER) && !strstr($request_uri, 'authentication') && preg_replace('#^https?://[^/]+/#', '/', $smarty.server.HTTP_REFERER) != $request_uri}
<p class="lnk"><a href="{$smarty.server.HTTP_REFERER|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'|secureReferrer}" title="{l s='Back'}">&laquo; {l s='Back'}</a></p>
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