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-# Prestashop Theme Boilerplate
+#Prestashop Theme Boilerplate
-A boilerplate theme to be used as a starting point for Prestashop Theme development.
+Prestashop Theme Boilerplate is a 'blank canvas' theme built for developers to use as a foundation when starting a new Prestashop theme or project.
-Currently under heavy development. Infact we're just starting.
+**This project is UNFINISHED and not ready for general use. There is still a lot of work to be done.**
-[Mark Hesketh](
+##How does it help?
+When starting a new theme, you'd usually take another and strip back all it's design, structure and functionality, creating a starting point, while carefully attempting to retain Prestashop's features.
+This took a lot of time, every time.
+Based upon the new default Prestashop theme, the Prestashop Theme Boilerplate will be a more suitable starting point.
+##Initial ideas & features
+* **HTML5**
+Valid & semantic markup, following techniques from HTML5 Boilerplate.
+* **Optimised for page speed**
+Focus on speed and performance e.g. order scripts correctly, keep requests to a minimum etc.
+* **White canvas design**
+Usable as a theme, but very minimal giving structure ready to be built upon.
+* **Commented code**
+Briefly describe templates, sections and techniques (using Smarty comments).
+* **Full feature compatibility**
+The theme will work with every setting in the back office, from colour pickers to multi-shipping.
+* **Works with all default modules.**
+This means the theme is much more likely to be compatible with 3rd party modules, too.
+* **Simplify templates**
+Some templates contain a lot of ‘logic’ and need to be re-written.
+For example: The checkout pages could be seperated to individual One Page Checkout and 5-step checkout template sections, as they are currently very confusing.
+* **Remove the bloat**
+ * Unneccessary CSS / JavaScript not required by core.
+ * Default theme’s images replaced with CSS3 alternatives (buttons, backgrounds etc).
+ * Unneccessary IDs, classes and tags in HTML.
+* **Documentation**
+Provide documentation including best practices and techniques when creating a theme using the Boilerplate.
+## Features being considered
+These are some points I’ve considered, but would like feedback on whether they should be included or if they’d be better left for the individual developer to include themselves.
+I’m keen to keep the theme as simple and ‘bloat free’ as possible. If something is not absolutely neccessary then its not included, otherwise the Boilerplate loses all its purpose.
+* **Responsive / Adapative / Mobile First**
+Optimised design and layout that adapts to multiple screen sizes (mobile optimised)
+* **LESS Framework ([](**
+LESS is a popular CSS pre-processor that allows you to do much more with CSS. Checkout the website for details.
+I’ve personally started using LESS in all my projects for the last 6 months and would highly recommend it.
+Frameworks such as [Twitter Bootstrap]( use LESS, but would Prestashop developers like it included?
+## Your feedback / ideas.
+I’d really appreciate any feedback or ideas you may have regarding the above.
+Get your hands dirty, fork the code, submit an issue etc.
+I really think this could be something useful to the Prestashop community, and the more people who get involved and bring ideas forward, the better it will become.
+##### Other articles / information
+* [Prestashop Theme Boilerplate]( - PrestaDB
+* [Prestashop Starter Theme / Boilerplate]( - My Blog Post

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