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aprs.fi APRS symbols index

This is a machine-readable index of APRS symbol descriptions. This is the current list used by the aprs.fi web site.

For easy manual editing in OpenOffice, the master file is in CSV format.

Converted versions in XML, JSON and YAML are provided.

Background information

Bob Bruninga maintains an APRS symbols index on his web site. Most of the updates done on that list have not been deployed to APRS applications, since it's hard to do that in a coordinated fashion, and it's quite a lot of work to apply the updates manually. The published list is not usable in applications as-is, since the symbol descriptions contain a lot of additional text which is not understandable to users unless the whole document is viewed. The updates do not have graphic design available.

This list is designed to be something that can actually be used in an application, easily, without modification.

This list is compatible with the currently deployed APRS symbol graphics. Symbol descriptions have been cleaned from additional text - only the symbol itself is described. Any additional metadata will be provided in separate columns and structured fields instead of free-form text within the descriptions.

This index will be gradually updated with some new symbols later, when the symbol graphics themselves are updated.


This list is maintained by Hessu, OH7LZB, for the aprs.fi service. It is licensed under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license, so you're free to use it in any of your applications. For free. Just mention the source somewhere in the small print.