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Awesome Hetzner Cloud

A curated list of libraries, tools, and integrations for Hetzner Cloud.

Projects formatted in bold are official Hetzner Cloud projects.

Want to have your project listed? Open an Issue!

Please note that while we try to only include projects in this list which are functional and of good quality, we cannot provide any guarantee that they actually work, are complete, nor that they do not cause any harm to your system or your account.



  • Hetzner Cloud API for .NET — Hetzner Cloud API for .NET is a .NET Standard 2.0 Library

  • Hetzner Cloud DotNet — This library is developed in .NET Standard 2.1 and is compatible with all .NET and .NET Core implementations, it can also be used in Console projects, Web API, Class Library and even with Blazor WASM.


  • hcloud-go — Package hcloud is a library for the Hetzner Cloud API.

  • hcdns — Go client library for Hetzner DNS API.


  • terraform-kubernetes-hcloud-csi-driver — A simple module to provision the Hetzner Container Storage Interface Driver within a Kubernetes cluster running on Hetzner Cloud. See the variables file for the available configuration options. Please note that this module requires Kubernetes 1.15 or newer.



  • hcloud-js — A Node.js module for the Hetzner Cloud API

  • hcloud-nodejs — hcloud-nodejs is a node.js package for Hetzner cloud that can be used to manage your projects.



  • hcloud-python — hcloud-python is a library for the Hetzner Cloud API.


  • hcloud-ruby — Native ruby client for HetznerCloud

  • hetznercloud — Modern object-oriented Ruby wrapper for Hetzner Cloud API


  • hcloud-rust — Unofficial Rust crate for accessing the Hetzner Cloud API


  • hcloud cli — hcloud is a command-line interface for interacting with Hetzner Cloud.

  • chaotic — Fault injection your Hetzner Cloud servers to ensure, your services run even with one server stopped.

  • KubeOne — Kubermatic KubeOne automates cluster operations on hetzner cloud. KubeOne can install high-available (HA) master clusters as well single master clusters.

  • Hetzner rescaler — Lightweight CLI tool to programmatically rescale your Hetzner Cloud server.

  • HC Volume Backup — Bash script to backup Hetzner Cloud Volumes. Automatically creates volumes for backups and maintains a defined number of them.

  • cluster-api-provider-hetzner — Kubernetes Cluster API Provider for consistent deployment and day 2 operations of "self-managed" HA Kubernetes clusters on Hetzner.

  • Hetzner Load Balancer Prometheus Exporter — Exports metrics from Hetzner Load Balancer for consumption by Prometheus

  • Healthzner Bot — A discord bot to get periodically updates of the health status of your hetzner cloud machines.

  • Ansible Role hcloud — Ansible Role for managing hcloud cloud resources.

  • Kubernetes Hetzner Keepalived — K8s deployment and image to create a keepalived ip failover with the floating ip feature.

  • Hetzner Cloud Connect — Handles automatically adding servers to load balancers

  • Hcloud Snapshot-as-Backup — Hetzner Cloud - Automatic Snapshots as Backups for more flexibility

  • hcloud assign ip — A little helper to easily assign a floating ip to the current system

  • hcloud-failover-keepalived — Script for switching Floating IPs in case of keepalived failover

  • hetzner-kube — This project contains a CLI tool to easily provision kubernetes clusters on Hetzner Cloud.

  • hcloud-pricing-exporter — A Prometheus exporter that connects to your HCloud account and collects data on your current expenses.

  • kOps — Kubernetes Operations (kOps) automates Kubernetes cluster installation, upgrades and management

  • hobby-kube — Fully automated cluster setup using Terraform, good balance between resilience and cost, and therefore a great starting point for hobbyists or to build a professional setup with a reasonable foundation.

  • hcloud-selfdestruct — CLI tool to self destruct a hetzner cloud server.

  • kubermatic-kubernetes-platform — Kubermatic Multi-Cluster and Mulit-Cloud management tool for self hosted cluster as a service purposes.

  • vitobotta/hetzner-k3s — A CLI tool written in Crystal to quickly create and manage Kubernetes clusters in Hetzner Cloud

  • terraform-hcloud-kube-hetzner — A highly optimized and auto-upgradable, HA-default & Load-Balanced, Kubernetes cluster powered by k3s-on-MicroOS and deployed for peanuts on Hetzner Cloud 🤑 🚀

  • janosmiko/hetzner-k3s — CLI tool to install and manage production grade lightweight Kubernetes (k3s) clusters in 5 minutes in Hetzner. Features: Hetzner CCM and CSI support, HA, Multiple Worker Pools, Autoscaling etc.

  • terraform-hks — An opinionated Terraform module for deploying a Hetzner Kubernetes Cluster using RKE2 and Hetzner Cloud.

  • Solidblocks Hetzner Nuke — Solidblocks Hetzner Nuke is a tool to delete all resources in a Hetzner account, similar to aws-nuke.

  • 1Password Shell Plugin — The Hetzner Cloud shell plugin allows you to use 1Password to securely authenticate hcloud CLI with your fingerprint, Apple Watch, or system authentication, rather than storing your credentials in plaintext.



Public Domain (CC0)


A curated list of awesome libraries, tools, and integrations for Hetzner Cloud







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