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@@ -4,6 +4,7 @@ mkdir gamepad
mkdir gamepad/library
cp MIT-LICENSE.txt gamepad
cp README gamepad
+cp gamepad
cp -R src gamepad
cp -R examples gamepad
cd src
@@ -0,0 +1,43 @@
+# The name of your library as you want it formatted
+name = Gamepad library for Processing
+# List of authors. Links can be provided using the syntax [author name](url)
+authorList = [Michael Heuer]( and [Iain Lobb](
+# A web page for your library, NOT a direct link to where to download it
+url =
+# The category of your library, must be one (or many) of the following:
+# "3D" "Animation" "Compilations" "Data"
+# "Fabrication" "Geometry" "GUI" "Hardware"
+# "I/O" "Language" "Math" "Simulation"
+# "Sound" "Utilities" "Typography" "Video & Vision"
+# If a value other than those listed is used, your library will listed as "Other."
+category = I/O
+# A short sentence (or fragment) to summarize the library's function. This will be
+# shown from inside the PDE when the library is being installed. Avoid repeating
+# the name of your library here. Also, avoid saying anything redundant like
+# mentioning that its a library. This should start with a capitalized letter, and
+# end with a period.
+sentence = A port of the Gamepad ActionScript library for Flash.
+# Additional information suitable for the Processing website. The value of
+# 'sentence' always will be prepended, so you should start by writing the
+# second sentence here. If your library only works on certain operating systems,
+# mention it here.
+paragraph =
+# Links in the 'sentence' and 'paragraph' attributes can be inserted using the
+# same syntax as for authors. That is, [here is a link to Processing](
+# A version number that increments once with each release. This
+# is used to compare different versions of the same library, and
+# check if an update is available. You should think of it as a
+# counter, counting the total number of releases you've had.
+version = 1 # This must be parsable as an int
+# The version as the user will see it. If blank, the version attribute will be used here
+prettyVersion = 1.0 # This is treated as a String

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