Parallel Programming project in CUDA simulating Bertrand equilibria in duopolies
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Bertrand Equilibria

Parallel Programming project in CUDA simulating Bertrand equilibria in duopolies

Execution Instructions

run script in /src compiles the code, runs it and plots the output data.

Usage: src/run DAYS SEED

The days parameter specifies how many days the simulation should be run for. The seed parameter sets the random number generator seed.

NOTE: The run script runs the simulation in the background, so in some cases a large number (1000+) of days may mean that the simulation cannot be terminated until it completes.

Important parameters which can be tweaked can be found at the top of the file

  • NUM_CONSUMERS - The number of consumers.
  • NUM_MANUFACTURERS - The number of manufacturers.
  • STINGINESS_ALPHA - Extent to which deviation from the cheapest price is penalised. Larger values result in less willingness to buy more expensive products.
  • LOYALTY_MULTIPLIER - The score of the preferred manufacturer is multiplied by this.
  • RIPOFF_MULTIPLIER - The proportion more than the cheapest price after which the product will never be purchased. E.g. 0.5 means we never buy products 50% more expensive than cheapest
  • BASE_MARGINAL - Modifies the starting price of each product.
  • PRICE_INCREMENT - Set the daily change in price by manufacturers.
  • MAX_PRICE_MULTIPLIER - Prices of products cannot exceed this value.

The following parameters can be set with COMPUTE_ON_DEVICE or COMPUTE_ON_HOST. Note that there are several versions of some device functions, which are commented out in the launch_[function_name] functions.

  • CONSUMER_CHOICE_COMPUTE - Device version of this is bugged.

Data Output

After simulation completes, data files can be found in the src/logs directory. Running the plot script found in the src directory will plot the data without running the simulation.

The data that is output contains points for all data, but the plotting scripts will only plot the first two columns of data in each file.

A loyalty live plot is also available, but for large number of days the output is not particularly useful, so it has been disabled. To re-enable it, uncomment lines 12-15 in the plot script.