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goagent client for ios
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GoAgent iOS Project

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  • ####goagent-ios
    • A standalone iOS Application
  • goagent-toggle

    • A GoAgent SBSettings Toggle
  • goagent-widget

    • A iOS6 GoAgent Notification Center Widget
  • goagent-flipswtich

  • * A iOS7 Control Center switch for GoAgent iOS based on FlipSwitch


  • Xcode5 + iOS7 SDK
  • theos

How to build


Install test build

Add in Cydia

Quick manual

  1. Open App->Setting, type your appid or edit in iFile
  2. Click "Install GoAgent CA", You can pass this step if you did it before
  3. Click "Change System Proxy", If not work, Open Settings -> Wi-Fi -> CurrentWiFi? -> HTTP Proxy -> Auto ->
  4. Click "Install APN proxy config" for 3G, hope works :)
  5. Go Back to Start
  6. Checkout details here
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