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Hex-Five work atop of SiFive's Freedom platforms
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This repository contains the X300, a modified version of SiFive's Freedom E300 Platform to support MultiZone and IoT applications. Here's a comparison between the E300 and the X300:

E300 X300
32.5 MHz clock 65 MHz clock
2 HW breakpoints 8 HW breakpoints
no Ethernet core Xilinx EthernetLite Ethernet core
1-way icache 4-way icache
no ITIM ITIM at 0x0800_0000
16 kB DTIM 64 kB DTIM
no perf counters 2 perf counters, hpmcounter3 and hpmcounter4
no CLICs 3 CLICs (BTN0, BTN1 and BTN2)

Like the Freedom E300 Arty FPGA Dev Kit, the X300 is designed to be mapped onto an Arty FPGA Evaluation Kit.


The default bootrom consists of a program that immediately jumps to address 0x20400000, which is 0x00400000 bytes into the SPI flash memory on the Arty board.


Vivado 2017.1 (or later)

You'll need Vivado to synthesize the bistream for the Arty FPGA. You should have received a single node license and instructions how to install Vivado with your Arty FPGA Dev Kit.

RISC-V Toolchain

To compile the bootloader for the X300, the RISC-V software toolchain must be installed locally and the $(RISCV) environment variable must point to the location of where the RISC-V toolchains are installed. We recommend you build the toolchain yourself from riscv/riscv-gnu-toolchain

Run the following commands to clone the repository and get started:

$ git clone
$ cd multizone-fpga
$ git submodule update --init --recursive


To compile the bistream, run

$ make -f Makefile.x300artydevkit mcs

These will place the files under builds/x300artydevkit/obj.

Note that in order to run the mcs target, you need to have the vivado executable on your PATH.


For instructions for getting the generated image onto an FPGA and programming it with software using the Freedom E SDK, please see the Freedom E310 Arty FPGA Dev Kit Getting Started Guide.

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