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Hexagon Toolkit & Tools

Hexagon Organization

The Hexagon organization hosts Hexagon Toolkit's repositories and other developer tools made with the toolkit.

The main toolkit functionalities are located in the hexagon repository, while accessory libraries can be found in the hexagon_extra repository.

Other tools created with the toolkit will be held on their own repositories.

Inside this organization's repositories, you can also find examples (i.e.: real_world), templates (as gradle_starter) and tools.


  1. hexagon Public

    Hexagon is a microservices toolkit written in Kotlin. Its purpose is to ease the building of services (Web applications or APIs) that run inside a cloud platform.

    Kotlin 461 91

  2. gradle_starter Public template

    Hexagon starter project using Gradle as the build tool.

    Kotlin 7

  3. maven_starter Public template

    Hexagon example service built with Maven.

    Kotlin 2 1

  4. real_world Public

    Forked from gothinkster/realworld-starter-kit

    Hexagon ( RealWorld demo backend implementation.

    Kotlin 13 3

  5. Sample application for the Todo-Backend project ( which implements TodoMVC ( backends.

    Kotlin 8 3

  6. codecv Public

    Manage your resume as structured data: CV format specification and tools to manage CV documents.

    HTML 130 3


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