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.tx Add translations
_theme/basicstrap Improve fix from 682114a.
po/fr/LC_MESSAGES Add translations
.gitignore add initial docs
.travis.yml Update to Sphinx 1.2.
Makefile Add "server" option in make files. Update to Sphinx 1.2.
addons.rst Update addons.rst
appearance.rst Update appearance.rst
changelog.rst 2.10.2 released
commands.rst Update commands.rst Add translations
developers.rst Update developers.rst
faq.rst Update faq.rst
getting_started.rst Remove center alignment from image directives.
helping.rst Fix typo.
index.rst add tips
make.bat Improve make.bat.
perl_modules.rst Update link to script
plugins.rst Update plugins.rst
script_dbus.rst Switch to using code-block instead of raw html.
script_javascript.rst Fix typo.
script_perl.rst perl update
tips.rst Update tips.rst

HexChat documentation

Build Status

Getting started

  • Install Python (tested with 2.7.x)
  • Install Python pip
  • Install Sphinx: pip install Sphinx
  • On Windows: SET PATH=C:\Python27;C:\Python27\Scripts;%PATH%
  • Run make html to build the HTML files
  • Run the Python webserver to test your changes: make server (http://localhost:8000/)
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