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Here you can download a GTK+ 2 bundle (and a few additional libraries) built with Visual Studio 2015. HexChat for Windows is built using this bundle.

GTK+ Bundle

This is the bundle built by us containing all the GTK+ binaries, headers and import libraries. If you just want to use GTK+ for your application and don't want to build it yourself, download this. You will also need the Visual C++ redistributable to be able to run applications that use this bundle.

GTK+ bundle 32-bit 64-bit
Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package for Visual Studio 2015 vcredist_x86.exe - 32-bit vcredist_x64.exe - 64-bit

These are the libraries in the bundle:

Library Version Source
ATK 2.20.0 Source
Cairo 1.14.6 Source
Enchant 1.6.1 Source
Fontconfig 2.8.0 Source
FreeType 2.6.5 Source
GDK-PixBuf 2.34.0 Source
gettext-runtime 0.18 Source
GLib 2.48.2 Source
GObject-Introspection 1.48.0 Source
GTK+ 2.24.30 Source
HarfBuzz 1.3.0 Source
lgi 0.9.1 Source
libffi 3.2.1 Source
libpng 1.6.25 Source
libxml2 2.9.4 Source
luajit 2.0.4 Source
OpenSSL 1.0.2h Source
Pango 1.40.2 Source
Pixman 0.34.0 Source
win-iconv 0.0.8 Source
zlib 1.2.8 Source

Building from Source

If you want to build the bundle from source yourself, we have a PowerShell script that will download the sources, apply some patches and run the build. It is largely based on Fan Chun-wei's Compiling the GTK+ (and Clutter) stack using Visual C++ 2008 and later.

  1. Install the following build tools and dependencies:

  2. Follow the instructions on the msys2 page to update the core packages.

  3. Install needed packages in the msys2 shell

    pacman -S gzip nasm patch tar xz
  4. Install the following build tools and dependencies:

    • Perl 5.20 x86 or x64 (extract to C:\gtk-build\perl-5.20 so you have C:\gtk-build\perl-5.20\Win32\bin\perl.exe or C:\gtk-build\perl-5.20\x64\bin\perl.exe)
    • msgfmt (extract to C:\gtk-build so you have C:\gtk-build\msgfmt\msgfmt.exe)

    Extract the files with 7-zip, or in the MSYS2 shell with the tar command, eg tar xf perl-5.20.0-x86.tar.xz

  5. Clone this repository to C:\gtk-build\github\gtk-win32 It contains the build script, project files and patches.

  6. Now you have to allow PowerShell scripts to be run on your system. Open a PowerShell prompt as Administrator and run the following command:

    Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned
  7. Now start a new PowerShell window as a regular user. Go to the gtk-win32 directory and start building with the script. For example, to build the 32-bit bundle, run:


    To build the 64-bit bundle instead, run:

    C:\gtk-build\github\gtk-win32\build.ps1 -Configuration x64

    The script has some parameters you can pass in. Run

    Get-Help -Full C:\gtk-build\github\gtk-win32\build.ps1

    to see the help for the parameters and examples.

  8. When the script is done, your GTK+ stack will be found under C:\gtk-build\gtk. Enjoy!

GTK+ 2 dependency graph