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HxHub commented Jan 14, 2013

This server is hosted in the same LAN I am in. There may be some weird network stuff going on between the PCs and the server, but no one else except those using any version of xchat/hexchat get constantly disconnected from the server. I also get disconnected if I connect from my home PC which isn't in the same network. I've tried disabling the ping timeout and the lagometer/throttle whatnot to reduce the amount of possibly failing (takes too long for server to reply) requests to the server. I think this has reduced the frequency of the disconnects but I still get it a few times a day. Looking at the rawlog, the client is making WHO requests to the server on its own so that might be the culprit. Any way to prevent that? In any case, would it be possible to make the client more resilient with the possibly failing requests (as an option?), if that actually is the reason behind it. Of course this would be best fixed on the server side, but they have not found out the cause of the problems there, and since xchat/hexchat is the only client I've seen doing this it might also be an issue on this side.

EDIT: I have only tested this on Windows versions.


To disable whos:

/set irc_who_join off

As far as the cause I am not sure, Lately I have moments of high packet loss which Windows seems to handle less gracefully than Linux and I disconnect often. This may extend to other network issues.

HxHub commented Jan 14, 2013

I've tried setting that before, but it didn't seem to have any effect. Though, I've been having problems getting the settings to apply before so I might have to restart it to see if it works then. Thanks.

EDIT: Nope. Still does it after restarting the client. I checked the setting too and it outputs this now:
irc_who_join.................: OFF
But it still does WHO requests to all channels while I'm idle.


irc_who_join only disables whois'ing everyone in a channel when you first join it. Whois'ing while you're idle (presumably much later than the time you joined the channel) is something I've never seen before.

HxHub commented Jan 15, 2013

presumably much later than the time you joined the channel

Yes, I have these channels on autojoin list and the WHO requests happen around every two minutes - to each channel I have open.

tomek commented Jan 15, 2013

Only thing I could think of is away tracking. It can be found in Settings -> Preferences -> User list -> Away Tracking. Try either to disable it or decrease numer.

HxHub commented Jan 15, 2013

Right, that's probably it, I wonder how I missed it.


Thank you, switching off Away Tracking solved the issue for me.

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