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Extra lines are selected when dragging with the mouse causes the messages view to scroll #409

Arnavion opened this Issue Feb 14, 2013 · 6 comments


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Arnavion commented Feb 14, 2013

  1. Select a sufficient large number of lines with the mouse such that the viewport scrolls down a bit.
  2. Scroll back up to see the start of the selection.

A few more lines at the beginning will have been selected.

Happens in both Windows and Linux, 2.9.4 as well as ToT.

Related: You can't scroll all the way to the most recent line if this happens. The viewport will stop scrolling a few lines above the most recent one. All the lines upto the most recent one will still get magically selected, though.

Repro: http://privatepaste.com/ee9c8c886a

@ghost ghost assigned RichardHitt Sep 27, 2013


TingPing commented Oct 7, 2013

a6cc734 is the cause, I mentioned it to @RichardHitt and hopefully he can work out something better, worst case we revert the scroll timeout functions.


RichardHitt commented Oct 28, 2013

Transcribed from freenode:#hexchat-devel:

re #409, Arnavion, that issue is in two parts. I have no trouble at all reproducing the second part, but I can't reproduce the first part in multiple tries.

Can you help with a file (of say 100 lines) I can paste on a new channel that will help me reproduce it? Or a ../scrollback/FreeNode*/#whateverchannelname.txt file I could put up with /join #whateverchannelname ?

Also does your symptom include or require lines that wrap? Also what is your the width (and height too, I guess) in characters of your text window in which you're able to reproduce the first part of #409?

@ghost ghost assigned Arnavion Nov 9, 2013


RichardHitt commented Nov 9, 2013

Hi, Arnavion. thanks for your comments on pull request #831. I am reassigning #409 (this issue) to you, because I don't seem to be solving it to your satisfaction. Let me know please if I can help out at all.

The problem you mention at #813 is one I believe existed in xchat a decade ago. I may try to continue getting a handle on it still, and I probably will try to continue understanding xtext.c. But it's not the problem stated here in issue #409. Additionally, the acceleration change I tried to add in RichardHitt/select is not material to the fix to #409 I implemented, but it seems still to me to be a good idea.

Speaking of acceleration of select-scrollng, though, what program do you think does a good job of accelerating selection scrolling? I still think this time-based scheme is best. I note that bash (probably really gtk?) doesn't accelerate its selection scrolling at all. Let me know what you like and I'll go try it and see if I can reverse-engineer it or something. But this present incident is yours now to do with as you like.

@ghost ghost assigned RichardHitt Nov 9, 2013


RichardHitt commented Nov 11, 2013

Issue #836 supersedes the first part of this issue.


RichardHitt commented Nov 12, 2013

Closing this issue. It's broken into two issues, #836 and #837, as noted above.


RichardHitt commented Nov 12, 2013

Closing, moved to #836 and #837

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