Buffer does not update when switching from a channel by disconnecting from its server. #415

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ghost commented Feb 17, 2013


  1. Using tree view
  2. Have two servers open with at least one channel each
  3. Focus on the channel at the bottom of the tree
  4. Right click its server > close

The still-connected server's channel is selected, but the buffer from the disconnected server remains.

  • If one focuses on a different buffer, or a message comes into the current buffer, it updates removing the artifacts.
  • If one hovers over nicks through the artifact buffer, they show up but only remove the artifact where they show up.

ghost commented Apr 3, 2013

This happened to me a few times but of course it immediately goes away after cycling tabs, so it's a not a huge problem...


ghost commented Jul 3, 2013

Still happening here.
Hexchat 2.9.5 on Linux

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