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Mecab morphological analyzer for kuroshiro.
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Package kuroshiro-analyzer-mecab
Description mecab morphological analyzer for kuroshiro.
Compatibility Node ✓ (>=6)


You should have mecab and corresponding dictionary installed in your environment. And make sure that your have added mecab command to your $PATH environment variable. This analyzer will invoke mecab from command line when parsing.

For install instructions of mecab, you could check the official website of mecab from here.


$ npm install kuroshiro-analyzer-mecab

Usage with kuroshiro

Configure analyzer

This analyzer utilizes mecab morphological analyzer.

The mecab-ipadic-neologd dictionary is recommanded which includes many neologisms (new word) and periodically updated.

import MecabAnalyzer from "kuroshiro-analyzer-mecab";

const analyzer = new MecabAnalyzer();

await kuroshiro.init(analyzer);

Initialization Parameters


const analyzer = new MecabAnalyzer({
    dictPath: "/usr/lib/mecab/dic/mecab-ipadic-neologd/",
    execOptions: {
        maxBuffer: 200 * 1024,
        timeout: 0
  • command: Optional mecab command (may have arguments). If set, the param dictPath is ignored
  • dictPath: Optional Path of the dictionary mecab used
  • execOptions: Optional The exec options to run mecab command. Example as below:
    // Largest amount of data in bytes allowed on stdout or stderr. see
    maxBuffer: 200 * 1024,

    // Timeout. see
    timeout: 0
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