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Merge pull request #122 from akasper/master

Fix a minor typo in the README example
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commit c7dcadc782329ab3f7f39f5058e338bd7c042e93 2 parents f37066a + 35ccfba
Ryan Resella ryanatwork authored
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2  README.markdown
@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@ LinkedIn's API uses Oauth for authentication. Luckily, the LinkedIn gem hides mo
=> ["OU812", "8675309"] # <= save these for future requests
# or authorize from previously fetched access keys
- c.authorize_from_access("OU812", "8675309")
+ client.authorize_from_access("OU812", "8675309")
# you're now free to move about the cabin, call any API method
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