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How can I access to the Proficiency of a Skill #105

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First, thanks for the great gem you provide. I just want to know if it's to possible to access to the proficiency of a skill like this path :


Thanks a lot.


I took a look and it seems that the proficiency is not being pulled in as part of the Skills api. Pull requests are always appreciated...


Is language proficiency currently not supported too?


I can not see the proficiency level and name fields. I can see only name field:

[#<LinkedIn::Mash id=27 language=#<LinkedIn::Mash name="Español">>, #<LinkedIn::Mash id=28 language=#<LinkedIn::Mash name="Inglés">>]

Is it possible add language proficiency level and name?

I'm using gem linkedin (0.4.1) version.



I found out that in order to get these fields, you need to add languages:(language,proficiency) to your profile request.

You then can access the language fields like this:

@profile.languages.all.each do |lk_language|

This is my profile request:

languages = get_client.profile(:fields => [:languages]).languages.all

I don't understand your code languages:(language,proficiency) @renanmzmendes .



If you call the profile method with the following arguments, you'll get what you want

@profile = get_client.profile(:fields => ["languages:(language,proficiency)"] )

The rest of the code I wrote was so you could iterate through the languages you get. Take a better look at it. I'm sure you'll understand.


Heyyy thank you @renanmzmendes now it is working fine :).

Thank you very much for your help!


Hi Guys, I don't know if it's the best place, but I didn't find anything on the docs and examples.

How do I get skills, languages, educations, from a profile?

I'm doing this:

client.profile(:fields => ["skills"] )


client.profile(:fields => ["educations"] )

and I always get: {} as return

The only call that works for me is:

client.profile(:fields => [:positions])

What are the options available?


Hi Vinicius,

I'm at rubyconf until Sunday so I'll take a look at this when I get home!




Hi Vincius.

So here's the kicker. Linkedin requires that you have a certain permission set to access those things. The way you do that is by doing something like this:

client =, secret)
token = client.request_token({}, :scope => 'r_fullprofile')

token.authorize_url # visit this to find the pin
pin = ???

client.authorize_from_request(token.token, token.secret, pin)

It's really not ideal and I'm going to be refactoring a bunch of this code for 0.5.x hopefully with some improvements to API design

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