update_status raises NoMethodError #111

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Hey guys.
Does gem allow to post data/update stauses ?

I've got an error while:
NoMethodError: undefined method `update_status' for #LinkedIn::Client:0xb1dfed8

Using linkedin (0.3.6) from git://github.com/pengwynn/linkedin.git (at master)
ruby 1.9.2p290
rails 3.2.0,3.1.3

drspin commented Apr 6, 2012

I was able to use what pshani suggested (pengwynn#79)

client.add_share(:comment => "comment")

Is that the right way to do it? update_status only appears in the examples, and I'm not sure that's the same thing as a share.

Also, +1


hexgnu commented Jun 4, 2013

I believe what happened is... There was an old linkedin api and a new one.. Now they use Shares.

I've updated the examples to say add_share(:comment => "comment"). Thanks for raising the issue! :)

@hexgnu hexgnu closed this Jun 4, 2013

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