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Windows openFrameworks project set up to support the OpenPose C++ library

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-openFrameworks -CUDA 8.0 AND 9.0 -CUDNN 5.1+ -ofxOpenCV -ofxJSON -K-Lite Codec Pack -(recommended) ffmpeg (for video format conversion)


  1. clone this repo into the 'apps' folder of your openFrameworks installation.
  2. run 'setup.bat' to download 3rd party libraries and model files
  3. navigate to ofxOpenPoseOut/bin/data
  4. place input video(s) in the input folder. Any video format for which you have a codec installed will work.
  5. open 'settings.config' in Sublime or Wordpad (notepad does not load newlines and is hard to use).
  • change the 'inputVideoPath' property to match the name of your intended video (keep 'input/' prefix)
  • set the 'startFrame' property to the frame you'd like to start analysis at (if set to 0, you will start at the beginning of the video)
  • set the 'numFrames' property to the number of frames you'd like to capture from the video
  • set the 'skipFrames' property to the number of frames you'd like to skip between each capture (0 means no skips -- negative values don't work currently);
  1. either open the ofxOpenPoseOut.sln file in the base directory and build for x64 Release, or simply run the prebuilt 'ofxOpenPoseOut.exe' located in ofxOpenPoseOut/bin
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