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Code Basics

Code Basics is an open-source Hexlet side-project. Both the website source code and the entire content are open. Its goal is to teach the basics of programming languages with in-browser exercises. All of the courses are free and will remain so forever. An English-language edition awaits completion. It's already available but only partially translated.

We kept in mind two issues building our courses: the first language and the second language.

"The first language" is a learning path built for complete beginners in programming. PHP, JavaScript, Python, Java, Clang.

By "second language" we mean Racket, Haskell, Go, Ruby, Swift, Kotlin, Clojure, TypeScript, Rust, Shell. It's better to learn these languages already knowing a language, so their curriculum differs from the first ones.

We've created PHP and JavaScript courses ourselves, yet we already accepted dozens of pull requests on all sorts of issues: typos, mistakes in assignments, pitch improvements, and English translations. The whole Python course was developed by a person from the community, who became the language maintainer in our project. He has already accepted several pull requests.



  • Improvement of current courses. A list of lessons and languages is available on GitHub
  • Website enhancements. Current tasks appear in "issues"
  • Development of new language courses. Currently, we are working on Java and Ruby
  • English translation
  • Promotion of the project to the public =)


  1. Interactive Programming Courses

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  2. JavaScript

    JavaScript 37 190

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  4. exercises-template Public template

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