Git deployer plugin for Hexo.
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Git deployer plugin for Hexo.

Notice: Fatal HttpRequestException Error on pushing to GitHub?

Update Git for Windows to the latest version. (Details)


$ npm install hexo-deployer-git --save

If you want to use the latest features of hexo-deployer-git, you may install it from github:

  • for npm version under 4
$ npm install --save
  • for npm version 5
$ npm install git+ssh:// --save


You can configure this plugin in _config.yml.

# You can use this:
  type: git
  repo: <repository url>
  branch: [branch]
  message: [message]
  name: [git user]
  email: [git email]
  extend_dirs: [extend directory]
  ignore_hidden: false # default is true
  ignore_pattern: regexp  # whatever file that matches the regexp will be ignored when deploying

# or this:
  type: git
  message: [message]
    github: <repository url>,[branch]
    coding: <repository url>,[branch]
    - [extend directory]
    - [another extend directory]
    public: false
    [extend directory]: true
    [another extend directory]: false
    [folder]: regexp  # or you could specify the ignore_pattern under a certain directory
  • repo: Repository URL
  • branch: Git branch to deploy the static site to
  • message: Commit message. The default commit message is Site updated: {{ now('YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss') }}.
  • name and email: User info for committing the change, overrides global config. This info is independent of git login.
  • extend_dirs: Add some extensions directory to publish. e.g demo, examples
  • ignore_hidden (Boolean|Object): whether ignore hidden files to publish. the github requires the .nojekyll in root.
    • Boolean: for all dirs.
    • Object: for public dir and extend dir:
      • public: the public dir defaults.
      • [extend directory]
  • ignore_pattern (Object|RegExp): Choose the ignore pattern when deploying
    • RegExp: for all dirs.
    • Object: specify the ignore pattern under certain directory. For example, if you want to push the source files and generated files at the same time to two different branches. The option should be like
    # _config.yaml
      - type: git
        branch: master
      - type: git
        branch: src
        extend_dirs: /
        ignore_hidden: false
            public: .

How it works

hexo-deployer-git works by generating the site in .deploy_git and force pushing to the repo(es) in config. If .deploy_git does not exist, a repo will initialized (git init). Otherwise the curent repo (with its commit history) will be used.

Users can clone the deployed repo to .deploy_git to keep the commit history.

git clone <gh-pages repo> .deploy_git


Remove .deploy_git folder.

$ rm -rf .deploy_git