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Migrate your blog from WordPress to Hexo.


In your blog folder, add this npm dependencie to your project:

$ npm install hexo-migrator-wordpress --save


Export your WordPress in "Tools" → "Export" → "WordPress" in your dashboard.

Execute the following command after installed. source is the file path or URL of WordPress export file.

$ hexo migrate wordpress <source> [--options]
  • alias: Populates the alias setting in the front-matter, for use with the hexo-generator-alias module. This is useful for generating redirects.
  • limit: Maximum number of posts to import from the input file. All posts are imported by default.
    • Example:
    $ hexo migrate wordpress /path/export.xml --limit 3
    • This doesn't apply to pages, all pages will be imported.
  • skipduplicate: Skip posts with similar title as existing ones.
    • If the input contains a post titled 'Foo Bar' and there is an existing post named '', then that post will not be migrated.
    • The comparison is case-insensitive; a post titled 'FOO BAR' will be skipped if '' exists.
    • Without this option (default), this plugin will continue to migrate that post and create a post named ''
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