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$ hexo --debug
12:01:59.272 DEBUG Hexo version: 3.2.2
12:01:59.276 DEBUG Working directory: E:\li\blog\hexo\b
12:01:59.562 DEBUG Config loaded: E:\li\blog\hexo\b_config.yml
12:01:59.586 DEBUG Plugin loaded: hexo-deployer-git
12:01:59.595 DEBUG Plugin loaded: hexo-generator-archive
12:01:59.598 DEBUG Plugin loaded: hexo-generator-category
12:01:59.602 DEBUG Plugin loaded: hexo-generator-index
12:01:59.604 DEBUG Plugin loaded: hexo-generator-tag
12:01:59.611 DEBUG Plugin loaded: hexo-renderer-ejs
12:01:59.620 DEBUG Plugin loaded: hexo-renderer-marked
12:01:59.623 DEBUG Plugin loaded: hexo-renderer-stylus
12:01:59.751 DEBUG Plugin loaded: hexo-server
Usage: hexo

clean Removed generated files and cache.
config Get or set configurations.
deploy Deploy your website.
generate Generate static files.
help Get help on a command.
init Create a new Hexo folder.
list List the information of the site
migrate Migrate your site from other system to Hexo.
new Create a new post.
publish Moves a draft post from _drafts to _posts folder.
render Render files with renderer plugins.
server Start the server.
version Display version information.

Global Options:
--config Specify config file instead of using _config.yml
--cwd Specify the CWD
--debug Display all verbose messages in the terminal
--draft Display draft posts
--safe Disable all plugins and scripts
--silent Hide output on console

For more help, you can use 'hexo help [command]' for the detailed information
or you can check the docs: http://hexo.io/docs/
12:01:59.763 DEBUG Database saved


Could you please elaborate?

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