Please report issues in english :) #249

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I'm using hexo for my blog and I really enjoying it, and I'd like to contribute it back, but I can't since I don't understand the language you're using :) (I think it's chinese, right?)

Regards and great work,



tommy351 commented Jul 16, 2013

If the issues are written in Chinese, I'll replied them in Chinese, otherwise I'll replied in English.

shulhi commented Jul 17, 2013

Can you write both? I wanted to contribute but I don't speak Chinese.


etoccalino commented Jul 17, 2013

I found myself in the same situation. does not translate, and
copy-pasting on google translator gets old fast.
There's no really good solution to this, but having at least the issue
description in both languages would help.


Ferrari commented Jul 26, 2013

Guess because lots of hexo users are Chinese. ;p
I could help If you guys think that's really important,
when users report issue in Chinese I will paste a translated comment below.

Hope this would help make more people contribute to this project and make it better,
and @tommy351 can focus on development rather than doing those translate things. ;p


etoccalino commented Jul 26, 2013

That would be great. I have been trying to help, but the language barrier
was too high.
I assure you, Shih-Yung, if you do this for us, i won't be the only one
thanking you.


Ferrari commented Jul 30, 2013

Then maybe I will translate those have label first, like bugs, feature or question.

tommy351 added the discussion label May 15, 2014

I also agree with the fact that issues usually must be written in English. I'm from Russia.

Maybe it makes sense to specify this in the guidelines? It can be a recommendation for choice the language to create an issue.

I also faced with the following behavior in some projects:

  • The answer in the original language
  • Short translation of question and answer
  • Recommendation to use English and a link to the guideline

arlair commented Jul 18, 2015

For those who have Chrome, there is a translate option in the right click (in Windows) menu which is fairly easy to do. It is quicker than copy and pasting for those that have it. Being a native English speaker, I obviously prefer English though ;)


Xuanwo commented Dec 10, 2015

Closed for no more update, with google translate, this will not be problem.

Xuanwo closed this Dec 10, 2015

@zhipengyan zhipengyan pushed a commit to zhipengyan/hexo that referenced this issue Apr 4, 2016

@iissnan iissnan Optimization: Removed built-in Lato font. #249 e0809f1

@zhipengyan zhipengyan pushed a commit to zhipengyan/hexo that referenced this issue Apr 4, 2016

@iissnan iissnan Font: Use 360 fonts library for Lato font. #249 b0eabab
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