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How to select all posts in a certain tag or category and assign it to page.posts of the page I just created? #493

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When I try to create a page "\Projects" to list all my posts with category "Projects" in an Archive-page style, I use the command "hexo n category Projects". However, when rendering the page using category.ejs, page.posts can't be recognized. I wonder if there's a way to let this page object be filled with all posts with category "Projects"?



I tried hexo n page "Projects" and set the category: Projects. The result is the same. page.posts equals null. How could I assign all the posts with category "Projects" to page.posts?


I know url /categories/Projects returns exactly what I want. I truly want to understand how to select all posts in a certain tag or category though. Thanks!


Though I don't understand why you want to do this. You can use

<% site.categories.findOne({name: 'projects'}) %>

in the templates.

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Thanks! I'm not familiar with node.js grammer >3< This is mongoDB usage right?


No, Hexo uses Warehouse, a simple JSON database with MongoDB-like syntax.


Cool. Thanks for explaining^^


if problem solved, please close it, thanks

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