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Submit your plugins here.



Execute the following command.

$ npm install <plugin-name> --save


Execute the following command.

$ npm update


Execute the following command. Don't forget to disable the plugin before uninstalling.

$ npm uninstall <plugin-name>


  • hexo-admin - a GUI for editing posts, runs at localhost:4000/admin


Generator is used to generate static files.


Renderer is used to process specific files.


Migrator helps you migrate from other system easily.


Tag helps you insert specified content in your post quickly.



Helper is used in theme to help you insert specified content quickly.


Deployer plugin helps you deploy your site on web without complicated commands.


Console is the interface between Hexo and you.

  • hexo-git-backup - you can backup your blog by git,any git server is ok, including github or gitcafe. now it is support themes backup! You can backup all your blog with your theme or not,Later will be better.
  • hexo-gzip - gzip hexo static files, in order to avoid Apache2/Nginx gzipping at the fly (better performance)
  • hexo-broken-link-checker - Detects links that don't work, missing images and redirects.
  • hexo-relative-path - Replaces links to local file with relative path, easier publish to any web hosts.
  • hexo-livereload - Refresh the browser when files changed
  • hexo-heroku-auto-publisher - Pull github issues to Hexo as posts automatically on Heroku. This plugin can transform Hexo project to a Heroku app.
  • hexo-processor-copyassets - You can customize what files are not rendered but can direct copy while executing hexo generate.
  • hexo-console-rename - Update post file name according to front-matter. Also can be used to migrate file names when new_post_name pattern changed.
  • hexo-console-clean-asset-folder - Clean empty asset folders.


Check plugin development for more info.

You can edit this page to add your plugin to the list.

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