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mach-glfw Vulkan example

This is an example for how to use mach-glfw and vulkan-zig together to create a basic Vulkan window.

This is nearly a 1:1 copy of the vulkan-zig example by @snektron, the only difference is using mach-glfw.

Getting started

Install the Vulkan SDK

You must install the LunarG Vulkan SDK:

Clone the repository and dependencies

git clone

cd mach-glfw-vulkan-example

Ensure glslc is on your PATH

On MacOS, you may e.g. place the following in your ~/.zprofile file:

export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/VulkanSDK/

Run the example

zig build run

Cross compilation

Vulkan requires a fairly heavy-weight SDK, at this time cross compilation is not possible.