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Bob the builder

Bob performs automated tasks for the Elixir and Hex projects.

Elixir builds

Elixir builds are compiled on each git push to for any branch. After the build completes it will be available at{REF}.zip where {REF} is the git ref for that push. Examples of URLs are:

These Elixir builds will be compiled against the oldest supported OTP version to ensure maximum compatibility for all users. We also build Elixir for every officially supported OTP version, if possible always use an Elixir compiled against the latest OTP version to get all available features in Elixir. These builds are available at{REF}-otp-{OTP_MAJOR_VERSION}.zip, examples are:

Since these builds are only available for officially supported OTP versions it is recommended that you fall back to the non OTP versioned URL if you get a 404 error for your combination of Elixir and OTP versions. Check to find which OTP versions we build against for particular Elixir versions.

See for a list of all builds.

Elixir docs

On git pushes documentation is built and pushed to{APPLICATION}/{VERSION} where {APPLICATION} is an application in the Elixir standard distribution and {VERSION} is the Elixir version, examples are:

Documentation tarballs are also uploaded to{APPLICATION}-{VERSION}.tar.gz, examples are:

Erlang builds

Erlang builds compiled on Ubuntu 14.04 and Alpine 3.10 are built periodically. Bob checks for new tagged releases every 15 minutes and builds any new versions it discovers. The "master" and "maint*" branches are built once a day.

After the builds complete they will be available at${OS_VER}/{REF}.tar.gz where {REF} is the name of the git tag or branch. Examples of URLs are:

For lists of builds see:

Docker images

Docker images for Bob's Elixir and Erlang builds are built periodically. Bob checks for new Elixir and Erlang releases every 15 minutes and builds images for any new versions it discovers. The list of operating system distributions we base the images on can be found here:

Tagged images are never changed, that means hexpm/erlang@22.0-alpine-3.11.2 will always target the tag OTP-22.0 and won't update when OTP-22.0.1 is released.

Erlang builds are found at, they use the versioning scheme ${OTP_VER}-${OS_NAME}-${OS_VER} for tags. Builds for all releases since OTP 17 are provided.

Elixir builds are found at, they use the versioning scheme ${ELIXIR_VER}-erlang-${OTP_VER}-${OS_NAME}-${OS_VER}. Builds for all major releases since Elixir 1.0.0 are provided. Images are built for all pairs of compatible Elixir and OTP versions.

Examples of image names

  • hexpm/erlang:22.2.8-alpine-3.11.3
  • hexpm/erlang:22.2-ubuntu-bionic-20200219
  • hexpm/elixir:1.10.2-erlang-22.2.8-alpine-3.11.3
  • hexpm/elixir:1.10.0-erlang-22.2-ubuntu-bionic-20200219

Hex S3 backups

Each days backups of yesterdays access logs stored on the bucket is uploaded to the bucket

A snapshot of the bucket is also uploaded to tarsnap.