A force-based sort-of realistic space shooter.
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Adventures in space

It's the year 2626. After the robot uprising of 2090 and humanities inevitable defeat, a few human survivors fled to the stars. Even though their ingenuity saved their lives they could not change the laws of physics. Now, 500 years later, still on their way to Proxima Centauri and its neighboring stars, the fugitives fight with their last remaining resources against each other for an unlikely future. A fight in which, to prevent history repeating itself, no computer understanding higher math could have any part in.

Now it is your turn to defend your ship and to ensure the survival of your clan, fighting against those who you once called friends.

A little bit of context

This is a student project by two students of the HTWK Leipzig for a Multimedia Web-Applications course. It will be implemented using OpenLaszlo on the clients (hopefully, there will be a HTML5 backend, too actually, we did the HTML interface first) and a Java server for all calculations and bookkeeping.